04 Juli, 2020
Filmmusik The Dreamstone

The Dreamstone

DreamstoneThe Dreamstone - Mike Batt



1. Better Than A Dream - Mike Batt
2. The War Song Of The Urpneys - Billy Connolly, Ozzy Osbourne & Frank Bruno
3. Dreamdance (Theme From The Dreamstone)
4. Into The Sunset - Mike Batt & Bonnie Tyler
5. The Vile Bros Mountain Band - Gary Glitter & Joe Brown


6. The Dreamstone (Main Title)
7. Wack's Wick Works
8. The Dream Maker
9. Whirlyoed Launch
10. The Dreamstone Is Stolen
11. The Argorribles And The Egg Of Death
12. Rufus Succeeds

Written, Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Mike Batt

vocals: Mike Batt, Billy Connolly, Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Bruno, Bonnie Tyler, Gary Glitter & Joe Brown; guitars: Ray Russell; keyboards: Mike Batt;
fiddle, banjo, jaw's harp on 'The Vile Bros Mountain Band': Joe Brown; leader of The London Philharmonic Orchestra: David Nolan.

Produced and directed by Martin Gates in 1989, the Dream Stone was a big success for ITV and even beat Steven Spielberg's animation programme on an opposing channel. The score was big, mighty and magical. Performed at Abbey Road studios by The London Philharmonic Orchestra this score also gave rise to a Symphonic Suite, and the song "Better Than A Dream"(sung by the composer) stood out. Other songs were "Into The Sunset" (duet between Batt and Bonnie Tyler) "The Urpney Song" (sung by Billy Connolly, Ozzy Osbourne and British Heavyweight boxing champ. Frank Bruno).

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