04 Juli, 2020
Filmmusik Keep The Aspidistra Flying

Keep The Aspidistra Flying

(deutscher Titel: "Liebe, Poesie und Zimmerpflanzen")


1. The Aspidistra Suite: First Movement- Poetry And Torment
2. The Aspidistra Suite: Second Movement-Love And Passion
3. The Aspidistra Suite: Third Movement-A Bright Future
4. Main Title
5. Bugger The Blasted Daffodils
6. Walking To Ravelston's House
7. It Tolls For Thee, Gordon
8. The Poet At Work
9. The Cancelled Party
10. Find The Editor And Kill Him
11. A Kiss Down An Alleyway
12. Off To The Countryside
13. A Bower Made For Us
14. Trudge Home After Day Out
15. Booking At Modigliani's
16. The Aspidistra Quickstep
17. The Aspidistra Waltz
18. The Aspidistra Foxtrot
19. Sad Bit After Gordon Is Sacked
20. I Never Want To See You Again
21. Tea With The Undertaker
22. At Last Gordan Gives Rosemary A Really Good Seeing To
23. The First Day Of Spring
24. Rosemary Announces That She Is Pregnant
25. Gordon Returns To Work
26. Walking Home
27. Tiger In The Night

Written, Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Mike Batt
Performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Closing title vocals by Colin Blunstone

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  • 23.07.2010
    Twitter macht aus mir einen faulen Blogger Ich bin zu der Auffassung gelangt, dass tweeten einen als Blogger sehr faul macht. Zumindest gilt das für meinen Fall. Ich denke, "Oh, ich habe gerade ge-tweetet"...

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